Work your body in an efficient, safe and versatile way.


Elastic resistance bands help tone and muscle your body. They also increase flexibility, coordination, balance and improve joint mobility. Thanks to their light weight and ease of disassembly, they can be carried in a backpack to work in open or closed spaces. Equivalent to working with weights and special training machines by combining the different bands and playing with body postures. Safe, effective and versatile to work from the comfort of your favorite environment.


The combination of the elastic bands together with the work from different body postures is equivalent to working with weights, training machines and physiotherapy exercises.


Their light weight, small footprint and ease of assembly allow them to be carried in backpacks or suitcases to work in open or closed spaces, depending on the needs of the moment.


The material used in the elastic bands is designed to last over time and to be respectful with our body. Latex bands, steel rings, anti-sweat handles. Resistant and safe.


Elastic bands allow us to work with muscles and joints effectively. They help us to maintain, tone and activate the muscles of the abdomen, pectorals, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, gluteus and quadriceps.

By working from the stability of the body, to execute the exercises correctly, it improves coordination and balance.

It makes our muscles more flexible and improves joint mobility.

Ideal for fitness exercises, pilates, yoga, rehabilitation and general body training.  Suitable for beginners and experts.


Dimensions: 18 x 14´5 x 13cm.
Weight: 449’06gr.
Manufacturer: WUEPS

The product contains 5 elastic bands with an intensity of 4.5 kg, 9 kg, 14 kg, 18 kg and 22 kg. It uses different combinations of the bands, with a maximum intensity of 67.5 kg. Sleeves, anklets and door anchors can be added.

The product includes a bag to store the complete kit.



Elastic bands are the perfect complement for various sports activities: bodybuilding, fitness, pilates, yoga, rehabilitation or maintenance exercises.  Multiple uses. Safe and functional, it allows you to work in a simple way on a wide variety of exercises. Suitable for beginners and experts, no age limit.

Used for bodybuilding exercises (equivalent to weights and training machines), stretching exercises (equivalent to yoga straps), functional exercises (stabilization, balance and coordination work while working strength and elasticity in controlled movements), therapeutic use (exercises designed to rehabilitate specific areas), fitness exercises (strength and aerobic work simultaneously).


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